Here we are, mid-December of 2020 and there seems to be some light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel. Vaccines are around the corner, but it will still be many months before there is enough vaccine to distribute to make a difference. With the dual holiday of Christmas and New Years’, many are predicting a increase in cases. With government restrictions at an all time high, its important to be creative and resourceful to bring new products to market to accommodate the current climate. The new breed of shopper is looking for a safe, packaged product that allows for minimal contact with others. This attitude will eventually fade, but it will be around to some degree for 1-2 years.

What are you doing to take advantage of these new trends? Changes in consumer habits can result in new opportunities. Del-Val can help you find these opportunities and turn them into new sales that will last.

Current and Future Food Demands

Consumer demand for long shelf life packaged products should remain extremely strong through the winter of 2021 and maybe longer. This change in demand will continue for many months and maybe years after the pandemic is over.

Top Concerns

Hygiene of Foods

Who and where was it packaged?
How is it packaged?

Shelf life

How long will it last before degrading?
Consumers do not want to shop daily


Consumers are favoring taste over clean label


What is the final cost after waste?
Fewer trips to store means less resources (fuel) required from the consumer

New Shopping Habits

Many consumers are changing their shopping habits in what they buy and how they buy it. In many locations, self serve unpackaged baked goods are not found. They have been replaced with a minimally packaged or fully packaged product that many consumers view as cleaner and more hygienic. Concerns of who and how many have touched their food is in the back of the minds of many. Many gas stations and convenience stores have many of their self-serve cases and machines blocked off. This equals lost sales for the stores and manufacturers.

The pandemic has also strained many families’ sources of income. Many are struggling to pay bills and still find enough money to help bring joy to their families. It is a fact that many turn to inexpensive snacks to help pull them through difficult times. Consumers will be looking for value and taste. Value is more than just price and quantity. Value is also how long will it last. Is this bag a 10-minute joy or will it last a month? The longer the shelf life the higher the value as less is paid over the longer period and there is no waste. Short shelf-life products in single-serve packages may meet this requirement, but consumers do not want to go to the store daily due to covid and wasting precious money on fuel. Longer shelf life products are highly desirable. A large portion of America does not have convent neighborhood markets 10 minutes down the road. Many need to travel 20-30 minutes to make it to the closest store. A trip to the store can be expensive for this portion of the population.

Del-Val Options

There are options. Del-Val Food Ingredients has solutions for long shelf life baked goods that meet today’s demands for delicious baked goods with great shelf lives. All will have excellent value propositions for the bakery and the end consumer. Longer shelf life products frequently cost more due to packaging and more expensive ingredients. However, this is quickly offset by fewer deliveries, resulting in less labor and fuel used. Consumers also see value in a product that they can consume over a period of weeks with zero waste and zero degradation in product quality.

Some bakeries have built their brands based on clean label, fresh and thus a very short shelf life. Long shelf-life may be a concern, but making low water activity baked goods can be a good option for the Clean Label operations. If the water activity is low enough, shelf life can be achieved without preservatives and chemicals allowing you to keep your reputation and provide foods today’s consumers want.

Del-Val provides the options. We have the latest technology in yeast donut glazes that allow a high-tech extremely long shelf-life donut in a packaged form. Donuts that were considered impossible a year ago are possible now. Del-Val also has cleaner label brownies, cookies and muffins that are lower water activity that will allow you tome a range of low aW fusion goods from Cookie brownie muffins to cookie blondie muffins and more.

Contact us to discuss how we can help maintain and even grow your sales.