Del-Val Food Ingredients is both a manufacturer and distributor of functional emulsifiers for bakery and flavor applications. We have strategic partnerships with vertically integrated emulsifier manufacturers on a global scale. This allows us the ability to not only source but customize emulsifier systems to meet your formulation needs.

Del-Val offers a full range of monoglycerides, distilled monoglycerides, polysorbates, polyglycerol esters, sorbitan esters, ethoxylated monoglycerides and polysorbates, as well as custom emulsifier blends.

Emulsifier Functionality

Emulsifiers offer a range of functionality in yeast raised and other baked goods. They are also effective solubilizers in flavor systems, can improve aeration in whipped toppings and batters, extend shelf life, exhibit crumb softening in cakes, and aid in fat dispersion in a multitude of bread and baked applications.

Emulsifiers are surfactants that work to join together two immiscible substances, such as oil and water, in the same system. A good example of this is salad dressing. One substance will be in what is called the continuous phase, while the other will be in the discontinuous phase, which refers to the individual droplets. In yeast raised baked goods, the continuous phase is the hydrated gluten. Surfactants aid in dispersing the discontinuous phase into the continuous phase to create one homogenous substance. This dispersion aids in bakery mixes and products to evenly disperse the fat within the dough or batter.

Surfactants achieve miscibility through their composition. The HLB of an emulsifier refers to its hydrophilic and lipophilic tendencies and is proportional to its solubility in water. With a fat loving and water loving end, emulsifiers help to reduce the surface tension between two immiscible substances and allows for attraction in different phases. HLBs in emulsifiers range from 1-20. An HLB of 20 means the emulsifier is completely water soluble. A lower HLB emulsifier is a fat loving, and thus create water-in-oil emulsions.

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Emulsifiers in Baked Goods

Mono and diglycerides provide baked goods with an improved shelf life as well as shortening sparing effects in bread. They are excellent crumb softeners and aid in anti-staling. This is due to the fact that emulsifiers prevent the retrogradation or recrystallization of starches in baked good and bread applications. Retrogradation is the cause of staling, and prevention of such by this starch complexing aids in extending shelf life. SSL and CSLs are the preferred stearoyl lactylates in baking. They are most widely used as dough strengtheners. SSL is slightly more effective in anti-staling, and CSL gives greater sidewall strength and a more resilient crumb in bread applications. In cakes, emulsifiers provide improved batter aeration, cake volume and gran, extend shelf life, and improve eating qualities. Emulsifiers react not only with starch but with gluten, and thus help to strengthen the gluten network in yeast raised doughs. In finished applications, this interaction aids in improved crumb structure as well as increased volume. Lastly, emulsifiers interact with fat to either allow or prevent fat crystallization in baked good and other sweet applications. Fat crystals exist in multiple forms. Emulsifiers have different effects on the various crystal forms, and are used to promote specific crystals in certain products to achieve the desired crystal structure. Out of the various crystalline forms (Alpha Crystal, Beta Prime and Beta), Beta Prime is usually the desired form, as it yields a nongrainy and creamy texture in finished applications.

Additional Functionality

Emulsifiers can also act as lubricants and flow and release agents. They are commonly used in pan release sprays, anti-sticking agents, and to aid in de-molding. Monoglycerides have found functionality in extruded applications for lubrication and ease of processing.

Emulsifier Portfolio

Mono & Diglycerides

Glycerol esters of fatty acids, including water-in-oil emulsifiers for baked goods, fillings, confections, and flavor solubilizers. Easily dispersible forms available. Use rates for yeast raised products range up to half a percent. Use rates are higher for icings and fillings and cakes and cake mixes.

Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids

Applications include flavors, baking, emulsified shortenings, salad dressings, icings and fillings. HLB’s range from 2-13. The higher HLB products are non-ethoxylated and can be replacements for polysorbates in Clean Label applications.

Sorbitan Esters

We offer sorbitan esters from a variety of fatty acids. Sorbitan esters have a lower HLB and are usually used with polysorbates in icings and fillings.

Ethoyxlated Sorbitan Esters

These sorbitan esters have a higher HLB and contain ethylene oxides, most commonly known as Polysorbates. Polysorbates are used as solubilizers for flavor oils.

Ethoxylated Monoglycerides

Ethoxylated monoglycerides have excellent functionality in yeast raised baked goods applications. These products can also be used effectively in ice cream.

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylates

Commonly referred to as SSL, these emulsifiers are most widely used as dough strengtheners. They are available in powders and beads and can be conveniently added to other dough ingredients. They are soluble in hot shortening, and can be pre-melted into fat as a way of incorporation.

Custom Emulsifier Blends

At Del-Val, we have the technology and manufacturing capabilities to offer custom emulsification solutions. We partner with industry experts to offer spray dried or spray chilled custom emulsifier blends. Through our IP technology, we offer revolutionary emulsifiers for the production of yeast raised products and other baked goods. Our Emulsol brand of emulsifiers includes a highly functional emulsifier blend that is microencapsulated and readily dispersible for optimum dough quality. Paired with the optimum particle size, its fully dispersible without the need to be in a hydrated form. This emulsifier also acts as a natural dough conditioner.

Whether you are looking for Polysorbates for flavor solubilization or monoglycerides for fat dispersion, Del-Val Food Ingredients has an emulsification solution for you.