The start of a new year is a great opportunity to look to cost reduce and streamline raw material sourcing. At Del-Val Food Ingredients, we are both a manufacturer and distributor of domestic savory flavor enhancement and functional bakery formulation tools. We’ve strategically aligned ourselves with notable, quality suppliers throughout the industry. Paired with our blending and extrusion capabilities, we strive to offer our customer base a one-stop-shop experience for all of your savory flavor and bakery ingredient needs.

Domestic Sourcing & Manufacturing, One Stop Shop

Challenges with lead times and transit delays were evident in 2020. Del-Val offers domestic sources of savory flavor enhancement ingredients as well as highly functional bakery ingredients. Our branded products are processed in New Jersey, and most carry a USA country of origin statement. Our various batch sizes offer you lower MOQs. Local stock is a great way to shorten your lead times and allows you to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Global companies looking for domestic US sourcing can look no further than Del-Val Food Ingredients. With both on and offsite warehousing, we can provide made to stock solutions to ensure you always have product available through floor stock agreements or other warehousing and stocking solutions.

Marketing and Regulatory Compliance

Through our innovative Research and Development and Culinary Applications Departments, Del-Val can provide you with a custom solution that not only fits your targeted flavor profile and economics, but also meets a variety of regulatory requirements such as Kosher and Halal. Marketing trends such as Vegan and Non-GMO have become mainstays. Our R&D team have the tools and technology to formulate and produce custom products that comply with these important consumer demands.

Natural is another consumer trend that is here to stay. Del-Val not only distributes but manufactures products that can be formulated to comply with US and EU Natural requirements. We also offer certain NAFTA and Organic Compliant savory flavor ingredients. Del-Val Food Ingredients is a producer of Clean Label bakery concentrate systems and can help you achieve Clean Label compliance in a variety of different countries.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a way to edge out competitors? Searching for ingredient technology that sets your product apart? Del-Val combines years of Flavor Chemistry, Taste Enhancement & Modulation, and Culinary Application experience to deliver tailored solutions to your formulation needs. Our seasoned team can match industry standards or deliver end to end solutions to help you differentiate your finished product from others on the market.

The Del-Val Advantage

Del-Val offers a variety of essential bakery and flavor enhancement ingredients which are produced here in the USA. Consolidated sourcing and made to stock warehousing allow for a more streamline sourcing and logistics solutions. Our nimble batch sizing and versatile technical staff can help you achieve all of your savory and bakery formulation needs. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions today.