Del-Val Food Ingredients has solved the packaged and frozen yeast-raised donut glaze issue. When using Del-Val Food Ingredients’ new Long Shelf life Donut Glaze Stabilizer and our yeast donut concentrate, your bakery can produce packaged and/or frozen donuts with a shelf life of over 60 days!  This glaze will also drastically improve the quality of packaged creme cakes, cake donuts, and pastries.

With our competitor’s donuts and glazes, the water imbalance between the glaze and the yeast donut dough is large.  This imbalance will force the water to migrate from the dough portion to the glaze. This dries out the donut and melts the glaze.  This creates a donut that is unacceptable to the majority of consumers and has made it impossible in the past to market glazed yeast donuts in packaging with a long shelf life.

Perfected Long Shelf Life Donut Glaze and Icing

Del-Val has perfected a glaze stabilizer and yeast donut system that works in conjunction with several sugars that will keep the water in the dough and out of the glaze. The result is a donut that stays soft for months and a glaze that stays dry. Our revolutionary glaze and yeast donut concentrates will allow bakers to enter into markets that have never been reachable before.

Yeast donuts made with this system can be shipped ambient and are stable in even very hot environments. The donuts may also be frozen with no changes to the formulation. After thawing, the glaze is still perfectly dry, and the donut is perfectly fresh. You have the option of freezing or not; the donut will still be perfect and still have over 45 days’ packaged shelf life.

Donuts made with this system should be packed in airtight, moisture-impermeable packaging. Normally, this would melt the glaze faster. Since we have stopped the moisture migration, the yeast donuts need to be packaged to keep the moisture in for maximum shelf life.

60 days Shelf Life Donuts Desirable Benefits 

Repeat Orders:

  • Pleasure to eat 
  • Desirable American taste & flavor
  • An ideal snack for Children, Camping, and on the go 
  • Consumer satisfaction (good value for money and no waste from stales)
  • Impulse consumers (if displayed by the register)
  • Reasonable retail price
  • Desirable to eat (softer and fresher)

Long Shel life

  • No store returns
  • No Waste / Damages 
  • Ambient temperature ( less warehouse and transportation costs)
  • Fewer deliveries to retail store (less transportation cost)

DRY Glaze with see-through cellophane packaging 

  • Dry glaze, clean fingers ( Not Sticky fingers) 
  • More hygienic to handle in the warehouse, retail store & by consumers
  • Fun & easy to grab and store in car, office, school lunch box, picnics

Wide variety and choices to satisfy all consumer fans 

  • Plain Glaze
  • Strawberry Glazed
  • Orange Glaze
  • Banana Glaze
  • Chocolate Iced
  • Chocolate Iced / Raspberry filled