At Del-Val, we recognize the importance of staying current with consumer and market trends. Clean label, Natural, and Non-GMO have in fact transformed from trends to mainstays in the savory flavor market. We are committed to offering our customers with savory flavor enhancement tools that meet and exceed expectations, not only from a quality standpoint, but a marketing and regulatory position as well. Read on to learn more about our Non-GMO Project Verified Yeast Extracts.

Non-GMO Project Product Approval

The Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program is the only third-party verification program for non-GMO food products in the United States and North America. As it stands, this third party verification is the utmost quality system as it pertains to product labeling and certification. The certification process ensures that products have been thoroughly evaluated by a third party for compliance. Companies work directly with third party technical personnel in order to verify their products. For those consumers who want to avoid GMOs, the Non-GMO Project Verified seal is found to be the only “highly meaningful” seal and label. Del-Val recognizes this consumer feedback, and is excited to offer our customers Non-GMO Project Verified Yeast Extracts.

Non-GMO Project Approval Process

Those that have embarked on NGP (Non-GMO Project) verification certification understand that it can be a time-consuming process. Our Quality Department started by registering with an NGP approved Certification Body. After providing extensive information pertaining to each raw material, NGP did a thorough investigation and analysis of each raw materials origin, paying special attention to any high-risk materials. Product testing is also a considered factor. After the evaluation process and desk audit, an approval decision was made accompanied by a yearly certification visit. Steps to NGP Verification as dictated by the NGP website are listed below.

Step 1: Select a Technical Administrator

First, select from 4 technical administrators.

Step 2: Sign the Non-GMO Project license agreement

Second, sign the licensing agreement, which outlines parameters of program participation.

Step 3: Complete a product evaluation with your technical administrator

This step includes a document, product, and process review. Product testing and onsite inspection may occur depending on a risk assessment performed by the technical administrator.

Step 4: Promote your verification

Verified products can be listed on the Non-GMO Project website. Promotion of verified products has a marketing benefit to those looking to avoid consumption GMOs.

Step 5: Annual renewal

Lastly, undergo an annual renewal of the Non-GMO Project Verified certification.


Del-Val is a manufacturer of savory flavor enhancement tools, ranging from industry standard yeast extracts, custom yeast extract blends, vegan process flavor keys, and flavor and taste modulation tools. Our on-site extrusion and dry blending technology allow us the ability to customize our approach to your application and labeling needs. In addition to offering Non-GMO Project Verified Yeast Extracts, we are looking to certify additional savory flavor enhancement tools in the near future. Del-Val is committed to ensuring our products fit within the parameters of the NGP Verification system. We’ve worked diligently with our raw material suppliers to ensure we maintain a viable stream of NGP certified products to develop with.

Staying current with market demands and differentiating yourself from competitors is paramount in today’s climate. Del-Val Food Ingredients strives to offer you revolutionary savory flavor enhancement tools that allow you to formulate with ease, all while maintaining regulatory compliance and consumer acceptance. Contact us at to learn more about our specific NGP Verified product offerings today.