The Safety and Quality of our food manufacturing facilities are directly proportional to organizational culture and the programs and practices in place. It’s a team effort to provide a world class experience to our customers and future clients. An effective team needs qualified individuals and commitment from senior management in order to achieve a high level of quality products. At Del-Val, we strive not only to meet industry and government standards, but to exceed them.

Part of our mission includes consistently manufacturing products that are safe under the FDA regulations and a HACCP-based food safety and quality system program. Our program is independently audited by third party institutions following Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) standards.


GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) is an international organization of food manufacturers and retailers that brings experts together to address emerging issues on food safety. It is the organization that benchmarks the certification programs such as SQF to a set of food safety requirements. SQF program is recognized by retailers, manufacturers and foodservice providers around the world as a rigorous, credible food safety management system. 2021 marks our 6th year of SQF Food Safety Certification. This year, we’ve achieved an excellent scoring status. This is the 3rd year of such a mark. 2021 also marks the year of an updated version of SQF, which our Quality Assurance Department has begun implementing.

Some of the main factors of our robust food safety and quality system at Del-Val Food Ingredients include the following prerequisite programs in place:

• Allergen Management
• Cleaning and Sanitation
• Environmental Monitoring program
• Training program
• Supplier Approval program
• Good Manufacturing practices
• Management Commitment
• Food Defense
• Recall and Traceability
• Chemical Control program
• Integrated Pest Management
• Corrective Action Preventive Action program
• Shipping and Transport procedures
• Storage program
• Food Safety culture and personnel practices

We strive to continuously provide our employees with the resources, including information and training, which they require to understand and be competent in applying the above-mentioned practices and policies. Regularly, senior management, along with other departmental heads, review these practices to identify gaps and communicate to their employees any opportunity to improve their performance to ever higher levels of product safety and quality.

Del-Val’s commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of their products and services. This requires employees to be engaged, to understand their responsibility and to be empowered to take action in order to protect their customers and their brands. We are fully committed to building a strong food safety culture backed by the commitment from all levels of the organization. These objectives are reviewed periodically to ensure they continuously meet the goals and objectives of our organization in present and future times.

A Look to the Future

In light of the current climate, safety protocols, and challenges, DVFI has found new ways to manage supply chain delays, distribution disruptions, and employee health and wellness. The food industry and supply chain has proven itself, and at Del-Val, we take great pride in our role in ensuring we consistently supply our customers with consistent, safe food ingredients. As we look to the future and what we’ve learned from recent events, we are confident that we can continue to promote a sustainable, safe food product. Here at DVFI, we look ahead to new innovation and technology and improved process proficiencies in order to adapt to any climate. A comprehensive, holistic approach to food safety and quality coupled with a willingness to adapt are the keys to producing a safe, quality product.