The term “biscuits” can have a different meaning depending where you live in the world. In the US, biscuits are typically eaten with breakfast or at dinner with chicken, like at Popeyes. In other parts of the world, biscuits are considered more scone or even cookie like, and can be enjoyed as a dessert. We set out to make a tender, flaky, Southern Style buttermilk biscuit that can be enjoyed with any meal featuring our new biscuit concentrate.

Biscuits are typically made without yeast and are leavened by either baking powder, baking soda, or a combination of both. Southern style biscuits tend to be a bit on the richer side, and contain all butter, not margarine, and milk, to achieve that signature flaky texture and golden-brown color. Certain biscuit recipes call for more sugar than others, but the basic make up is flour, leavening, salt, butter (or margarine), and buttermilk. The key to a good biscuit outside of high-quality ingredients is the makeup. Biscuits can be made commercially where they are sheeted and cut or by hand where its easier to control the process. Grating frozen butter into the mixed dried ingredients ensures even fat distribution. Slowly add the liquid portion until a shaggy dough starts to come together. Most recipes call for additional mixing. Some state to stack dough pieces on top of each other prior to rolling out to the desired thickness, which helps with ingredient incorporation and finished product texture.

Utilizing our new biscuit concentrate, we successfully created a flaky, tender product that can withstand freezing and thawing for wholesale and retail handling and sale. Filled with highly functional ingredients, our biscuit concentrate allows you to create and customize flaky, rich, Southern style biscuits, great with breakfast, fruit or with your favorite gravy. Our Southern style biscuit recipe handling calls for all butter, which adds to the appearance, flavor, and finished texture. Our unique blend of ingredients keeps your biscuits softer for longer, while improving eating quality and preventing the biscuit from drying out.

Concentrates are in between scratch baking and using a mix. What is going to set you apart from your competitor who is using the same mix as you? Del-Val Food Ingredient’s bakery concentrate systems, such as our biscuit concentrate, are fully customizable. We believe in providing you with a highly functional bakery concentrate which allows you to adjust the levels of commodity items you already have in your bakery to create a one of a kind finished product. Adjust the amount of butter and or margarine to achieve a different product texture. Add different flavors to deliver a unique customer eating experience, such as a dairy, butter, or a sweet flavor. Create a rich Southern style buttermilk biscuit by adding buttermilk and butter or create a more economic product by substituting water or margarine using the same concentrate.

Del-Val is your technical ingredient solution for custom, functional bakery concentrates. Contact us to learn more about our concentrate systems and let us help you solve your bakery shelf life or product development challenges today!