Ever wonder why the same product produced at two different facilities taste different? Ingredients used and processing will cause your product to taste slightly different than your competitor. Is this enough to edge out the competition? We believe its critical to create a point of difference in your product from those already in the market. What will cause a customer to buy your baked good if the one right next to it is made from the same mix and is less expensive? What is your value proposition? At Del-Val Food Ingredients we believe in the concentrate difference. Learn how to differentiate with our full line of baked and sweet goods concentrates, which allow you to fully customize and differentiate your bakery products from your competitors, giving you an edge in the market.

Honey Bun

Consumer Behaviors

What drives a consumer to buy and continue to buy a baked good? Whether it be taste, texture, or flavor profile, its paramount that you distinguish your product in one if not all of these areas. Product differentiation is a marketing strategy that requires bakeries to distinguish their baked goods from the competition. To be successful, differentiation requires making your sweet bakery product unique from your competition. Product differentiation will create a competitive advantage by building a unique brand identity through the unique product.

Research has shown that food cravings can be caused by endorphins that are released into the body after someone has eaten a particular food. If a consumer experiences a “feel good” feeling or “high” after eating a certain food, they are likely to consume it more regularly. This has been observed to be the case in foods that are high in sugar and fat. Emotions are also known to trigger eating, specifically in times of economic downturn or uncertainty. Products like donuts, chocolate, cakes, etc., have been seen to rise due to their high levels of fat and sugar and the “comforting” feeling they’ve been known to provide.


Sweet bakery goods product differentiation can be packaging, size, name, shape, texture and flavor. The most important factor is creating a unique product that has a unique texture and flavor. Consumers buy baked goods for decadent flavors and textures and flavors to satisfy their cravings. It is highly desirable to have the consumer crave your differentiated flavor and texture. Standing out in the market is a good thing.

Shortening and Sugar

There are many ways to differentiate a sweet goods bakery formula. Our concentrates provide you with the highly functional ingredients like gums and emulsifiers, all while providing you with the flexibility to customize your commodity ingredients. Looking for a richer formula? Add larger amounts of fat and sugar to our donut concentrates. Changing the type of fat used will also produce a different end product, which is another way bakeries can differentiate via formulation. Using lard vs butter in your formulation will ultimately yield a different product flavor profile, which allows you to differentiate from your competitors. The same is true for which fat you fry in, soybean, tallow, or palm.


There are multiple types of flours bakeries can use to alter their formulation and end product. Different types of flours can yield different finished bakery product textures. Stronger flours (Hard Red Spring, Hard Red Winter) are usually used in pressure cut donut systems or in other products that may endure more rigorous processing. Using whole wheat or white whole wheat flours will alter the nutritional value of your finished product as well as color, in products such as bread. Potato flour and rice flour can be used to avoid using allergens in your bakery formulations.

Flavor Profile

Adding different flavorings and spices can also help bakeries differentiate from their competitors. As we enter into the cooler months, flavors like Pumpkin spice, apple cider, or Fall spice are simple variations that will attract customers to your product. Customers will seek out your product on the shelf if they prefer your specific flavor profile. Add different flavors and spices to the dough or your icing or glaze. The flavor of different fruit purees and fruit fillings in Danish are also an area where differentiation is possible. Who is your target customer and what is their preferences? Del-Val Food Ingredients offers several fruit fillings including lemon, raspberry, and Bavarian, which give the bakery the ability to adjust the level of sugar. This allows you to exercise control over your formulations, and adjust according to your demographic and customer base.

Del-Val Bakery Concentrate Systems

With a concentrate it is easy to manipulate these factors and many more. It is much easier to differentiate your finished baked good when using a concentrate than a mix. Our concentrates allow you to select the type of flour, the type and the amount of sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, honey, etc.), the amount and type of fat (palm, lard, tallow, butter, soy oil, canola oil), adjuncts, and flavors. One concentrate can make thousands of unique profiles in an easy to use powdered form. Concentrates are the perfect midpoint between scratch baking and utilizing a mix. Our concentrates allow you to obtain the uniqueness that is needed in today’s market, while making it easy to use the latest technologies in emulsification and gum technologies. Why use the same mix and make the same product as everyone else? Contact us to learn more about our bakery concentrates today.

Del-Val Food Ingredients is a specialty ingredient supplier. We offer a range of customizable bakery concentrate systems, including yeast raised donut (pressure cut and table cut), honey bun concentrate, bakery fruit fillings, brownie and cookie concentrate, crème cake concentrate, and multiple glaze stabilizers which extend bakery product shelf life.