Clam Broth Extender

Facing formulation challenges due to a shortage of clams in your clam chowder or seafood soup? Look no further for a solution than our Clam Broth Extender. Our Broth Extender was formulated to enhance the existing clam in your formula, as well as allow you to scale back on fresh clam which can help with current market conditions.



Our Clam Broth Extender is high in naturally occurring dimethyl sulfides and glycerine, which provide a sweet, balanced clam flavor to savory clam applications. The clam source is ocean clams as opposed to Quahog clams, which offer a cleaner overall flavor profile.

In addition to our standard clam extract powder, Del-Val offers a Clam Broth Extender, specifically formulated to help with the shortage of clams in the market today. Use our Clam Broth Extender to replace clam meat in your clam chowder or clam based application. Our product carries a label of clam broth, salt, natural flavor, which seamlessly integrates into a multitude of clean label applications.

Contact us today for a sample of our SavorAIDE(TM) MC-1025 Cl



Manhattan Clam Chowder
Seafood Soup
Linguine with Clams
New England Clam Chowder

Store our product frozen, and thaw under refrigeration prior to use. Available in 50lb pails.