Bakery Concentrates

Our Bakery Concentrates

Del-Val has a full line of high-quality bakery concentrates. We remove as much flour, sugar, and shortening as possible so that you can use your own commodities that you most likely already have in your bakery. This will result in significant savings as less product is shipped. Use your commodities combined with our concentrates and your bakery can have high quality baked goods at more affordable prices.

Bakery Mixes and bases are mostly flour and sugar.  There is no need to purchase expensive flour and sugar in a bakery mix or base when you can easily add your own.  Bakery concentrates allow you to customize your baked goods to make a hard to copy original bakery products.  Our bakery expert will guide you through the use of our concentrate and which flour to use to make the perfect product. Customization is easy with bakery concentrates.


We are experts in the bakery field. One of our experts has over 40 years of whole bakery formulation and production experience.  Get the best bakery technical help as we add science to the art of baking.


Mixes and Bases do not produce original products. Your competition can buy the same mix from the same supplier and produce an identical product.  Many mixes are sold as original mixes with your name on the bag.  Most of these are basically the same product that is sold in a different bag.  Maybe the flavor added is different, but they are basically the same mix.  If you want an original product that differentiates your baked goods you need to use a concentrate that gives you to freedom to customize your baked goods.  Concentrates allow for this differentiation while mixes do not.

We are commercial bakery experts with many years of experience in formulating products for wholesale bakeries and wholesale bakery production.

We have original products such as our long shelf life packaged yeast donut system.  It is now possible to make packaged glazed yeast donuts with a shelf life well beyond 60 days. Donuts made with our ESL concentrate and topped with a glaze made with our ESL glaze Stabilizer will have an incredible packaged shelf life. Imagine a packaged yeast donut that eats better than a standard retail donut that is 24 hours old.  The impossible is possible.  We have the technologies that can open up new markets.


The Del-Val Bakery Philosophy

No Added Commodities

Del-Val bakery concentrates contain only the key ingredients with little to no added flour, sugar or shortening.

Ingredient Savings

Save money by using your local sugar, flour, and shortening.  Why buy flour from a mix supplier when you can use your own.

Save on Shipping

Concentrates allow you to use ingredients you already have in stock, reducing shipping costs.  Use one concentrate for multiple products for additional savings.

Create custom Products

Combine our concentrates with your commodities to create custom, signature products- something not  possible with mixes

Del-Val Food Ingredients Bakery Line

Del-Val has an extensive product line for sweet bakeries and bread bakeries.  Many of our products are custom made for your plant to help you produce truly original products that your customers will love.

Donut Concentrates

Pressure Cut yeast Donut

Table Cut yeast Donut

Cake Donut

Old Fashion Cake Donut


Fried Danish

Raspberry Donut Filling concentrate

Strawberry Donut Filling Concentrate

Lemon Donut Filling Concentrate

Pineapple Filling Concentrate

Mango Filling Concentrate


Glaze and Icing Stabilizers

Standard (strong)

Transparent (for chocolate)

Dry Glaze (stronger)

ESL Glaze (extreme shelf life- Over 60 days)

Standard Baking Powder

Fast baking Powder

Donut Baking Powder

Non-GMO Baking Powder



Sweet Dough

Puff Pastry

Pasty Filling Concentrate

and More

Cakes and Cookies

Creme Cake

Non-GMO Cream Cake

Low Sodium Creme Cake


Pound Cake

Cookie Concentrate

and More


Bagel Base

Bagel ESL additive

Bread ESL additive

and More



Specialty Bread Monoglyceride blends


Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate

Propylene Glycol Monostearate

Polyglycerol Esters

and More