Creme Cake Concentrate

Ultra Moist Creme Cake Concentrates

Del-Val Food Ingredient’s Creme Cake concentrate makes a delicious ultra moist cake and an ultra-moist muffin. We remove most of the flour sugar and oils to make a highly concentrate cost-effective and ultra-flexible system for the production of high-quality cakes.  One concentrate will allow you to produce an ultra-moist cake, cupcakes, bundt cakes, muffins, and even all-butter pound cakes.

Varying the sugar, eggs, and shortening can drastically change the end cake. Because this allows you to customize your cake to make a truly unique product that will make you stand out in the market.  Cakes made from bases are not unique and are easily copied by your competition. One concentrate can make ultra-rich ultra moist cakes as well as much leaner products. The choice is yours with one concentrate.


Varieties of Creme Cake Concentrate


A high-quality creme cake that is preservative-free and sodium aluminum phosphate-free.  Makes a wide range of cakes with long shelf life and extra moist crumb.

Low Sodium

Our low sodium creme cake concentrate will produce a creme cake with a lower sodium level without sacrificing flavor.  We have removed a portion of the salt, but the majority of the sodium reduction is from removing sodium acid pyrophosphate and sodium bicarbonate. As a result, changing the high sodium baking powder to a no sodium baking powder will lower the sodium without a negative effect on the flavor.  Most importantly, the lower sodium version tastes better to many as it does not have the unpleasant flavor of baking powder. The result is a very neutral tasting cake with less sodium.

The reaction of sodium acid pyrophosphate and sodium aluminum phosphate with sodium bicarbonate will result in salts that have an off-flavor.  While many have been accustomed to the flavor of this salt, it is an off-flavor.  Once you taste a cake made with a no sodium baking powder, you will agree that the low sodium creme cake tastes BETTER.

Call us today for information on how our low sodium creme cake concentrate can make a cake that is delicious and accepted by all that is better for you with lower sodium levels.


Clean label

Over the past 10 years, there has been a growing demand for clean label and cleaner label products.  While it is easy to remove certain ingredients.  However, other ingredients are more challenging.  Sodium propionate and sorbates can be removed, but the mold-free shelf life is reduced.  There are several clean label mold inhibitors, but each has a challenge.   Our clean label creme cake is a barebone concentrate that has all preservatives removed.  You can add the preservative of your choice or add none.  We have removed all flavors, so once again you can add your own choice of natural flavor. We feel that providing a clean label creme cake concentrate with minimal ingredients is the best choice as you can decide exactly how clean you want your end product and which additives you wish to add that is necessary for your operation.

This creme cake concentrate is

  1. Propylene glycol monoester free.
  2. Preservative-free
  3. No artificial flavors (actually, no flavors)
  4. No artificial colors
  5. Sodium Aluminum phosphate-free


Advantages of DVFI Creme Cake Concentrate

  • Zero Sodium Aluminum Phosphate.  We use label-friendly baking powders only.
  • No preservatives (you can add if needed for longer shelf life)
  • Extremely Moist and Soft Crumb.
  • The shelf life of the finished cake is over 30 days.  Easier planning of production and increase range of shipping
  • A tolerant batter that performs perfectly in your  production and baking environments
  • Extra thick batter suspends inclusions evenly
  • Finished Cake is freeze-thaw stable.
  • One concentrate can make muffins, ring cakes, loaf cakes, specialty cakes, and crumb cakes, and even chocolate varieties and pound cakes.
  • Clean label and lower-sodium versions available.

Muffins from Creme Cake Concentrate

Our concentrate allows you to use your local flour, sugar, eggs, and oil. By using local ingredients help lower costs and allows personal customization of the final product to give your product differentiation from your competitors. In addition, it also allows you to use unique ingredients such as sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, and other ingredients to make unique products. Adding cocoa or even real chocolate will allow you to make high-quality chocolate cakes.  Therefore it is your choice with a concentrate!

Many cakes from One Concentrate

Our concentrate is very stable and you can drastically vary the formula to produce Pound Cake, All Butter Pound Cake, and hybrid cakes. Our creme cake concentrate is very versatile and allows differentiation of your product on the market.  Don’t be the same, be unique with original cakes made from concentrates.

Typical Creme Cake Handling

Typical Handling

100 Pastry flour

35 Creme Cake Concentrate

100 Sugar


60 Liquid Whole Eggs

_________ Cream

80 Water

_________ Cream

55 Oil

________- mix in

Chocolate Creme Cake

100 Pastry flour

35  Creme Cake Concentrate

100 Sugar

20  Cocoa

.25 Sodium Bicarbonate


60 Liquid Whole Eggs

30 Water

____________  Cream

60 Water

__________ Cream

55 Oil

__________ Mix in

Pound Cake Handling

100 Butter

35 Creme Cake Concentrate

100 Sugar

___ Cream

100 Liquid Whole Eggs


40 Water


100 Pastry flour

Fold in flour




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