Extended Shelf-Life Baked Goods

ESL for the Changing Bakery Demand

The marketing of bakery products is rapidly changing due to COVID-19.  Consumers will not want to purchase from self-serve cases and may even be leery of many retail types of packages that are not professionally sealed.  Many questions will be going through the consumer’s mind, who touched this, how many have touched this, is the package airtight, how long is the shelf life and more.  Extended Shelf-Life Baked goods are the solution to the new order that will be upon us.  Del-Val has a full line of concentrates designed to produce delicious and fun to eat long shelf life baked goods.

Del-Val has some perfect solutions to transition your bakery from frozen CPG bakery goods to packaged ESL baked goods.  We have vast experience in producing concentrates that will make extended shelf life bakery goods that can be packaged in sanitary flow packaging that is airtight with minimal human contact.  Consumers will want this type of product as it is sanitary and there is little waste as the shelf life is long and the product will not spoil.

Demand for Packaged Donuts and Sweets

During economic downtimes, consumers are looking for fun to eat and great-tasting snacks.  Donuts, muffins and other bakery treats are many consumer’s favorite items to eat.  Fun, good-tasting products will prompt the brain to release endorphins which will produce a sense of pleasure which is much needed during challenging economic times.

ESL Donuts

Extended shelf life glaze on packaged yeast donut

Extended Shelf Life Ideas

  • Packaged Yeast donuts with greater than  60-day shelf life made with our Donut Concentrate and ESL Glaze Concentrate
    • glazed
    • lemon iced
    • caramel iced
    • cinnamon caramel
    • chocolate iced
    • raspberry filled chocolate iced
    • mango filled chocolate iced
  • Packaged Creme Cake with over 60 days shelf life made with our Creme Cake Concentrate
    • muffins
    • bundt cakes
    • muffin tops
    • coffee cake
    • pound cake
  • Brownies made with our Brownie Concentrate
    • chocolate
    • blondies
    • cookie bars


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