Extended Shelf Life Donut Glaze

Extended Shelf Life Glazed Yeast Donuts

Del-Val Food Ingredients has a unique donut and glaze concentrate system that allows you to produce Extended Shelf Life Glazed Yeast Donuts! In the past, it was impossible to package a quality glazed yeast donut due to the water imbalance between the dough and the glaze. We have an innovative solution that solves this issue and allows your bakery to produce ESL Glazed Donuts.

Our ESL glaze is perfect for packaged donuts.  It is now possible to make packaged glazed and iced yeast donuts with perfectly dry glaze.  This is highly desired for self service cases where covid has made packaging necessary.


The production of a packaged yeast donut that stays soft and the glaze stays perfectly dry is possible. We recommend a shelf life of 60 days for standard packaged donuts, but they will stay fresh much longer. Our extended shelf life glaze combined with our ESL yeast donut is the perfect combination to make long shelf life packaged donuts.

Del-Val Food Ingredients was the company that introduced this innovative ESL glaze technology.  Our concentrates will make a glazed or iced yeast raised donut completely stable in a package for months.  The glaze will not melt, the donut will not go stale and the donut will not dry out.  Del-Val can give you the technical help you need on donut glazes to produce ESL donuts.

Our goal was to match the sweetness, flavor profile and texture as close as possible to a standard retail donut while maximizing the freshness of the donut.  These donuts will have superior consumer acceptance at 30 days than a standard retail donut at 48 hours.


Our knowledge combines the art of baking and the science of baking to make the impossible happen.

Extended shelf life glazed yeast donuts are ideal for convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations, club stores, and more. Customers can buy glazed donuts in bulk and they will have many weeks or even many months to consume. Perfect for vacations, lunch boxes, and many other uses. Extended Shelf-life yeast donuts have been impossible in the past, so many consumers will love the option of buying this perfect snack. Using our extended shelf-life glaze will result in new sales!

This new system produces a donut that can be kept for extended periods at ambient temperatures and frozen temperatures. Very little effects the glaze stability of this donut due to our unique extended shelf life glaze stabilizer.  Donuts made with this system can be frozen for months and when thawed, they will still have a shelf life in excess of 60 days with ZERO glaze melting.

This system has many advantages

  • Over 60-180 days of packaged shelf life with zero glaze breakdown
  • Zero Melting of the glaze or icing in sealed packages
  • The donut does not dry out and stays soft for months
  • Desirable to eat – Soft texture and delicious.
  • More hygienic to handle in the warehouse, retail store and by the consumer.
  • The glaze stays dry and stable, no more sticky fingers
  • Donuts stay soft even after a long shelf life, frozen or ambient
  • Drastically increase your shipping distance with fewer visits per week.
  • The consumer has more time to consume
  • Fewer returns, less waste for bakery and consumer
  • Added Value due to zero waste
  • Dry glazed in a package is more sanitary to eat on the go.
  • Great family snack

Flavor Ideas

  • Plain glazed
  • Lemon iced
  • Caramel iced
  • Chocolate iced
  • Strawberry iced
  • Strawberry filled chocolate iced
  • Raspberry filled chocolate iced
  • Mango filled chocolate iced

An entire product line of packaged donuts can be made with our extended shelf life donut concentrates that will meet and exceed consumer demand.

This ESL system is a two-part solution.

Part one is an extended shelf life Yeast donut concentrate. This is an 8% concentrate that requires the addition of flour and sugar. The concentrate contains all ingredients needed to achieve a long shelf life. It is vital to have a donut that will not stale or dry out. There is a difference between drying and staling. A donut that dries loses its water, this is irreversible, it is important to have proper packaging to prevent this from happening. Staling is the rearrangement of starches and proteins. We have perfected a system that completely stops this from happening. Our proprietary blend of emulsifiers, gums, and enzymes will completely stop the staling process. Then this is combined with our special glaze solution and proper packaging a donut will stay in perfect shape for months!

Part two is a special glaze stabilizer that works with 2 novel sugars that create a glaze or icing that is “ in-balance” with the donut. This water balance keeps the water from migrating from the dough to the glaze in a sealed package. Once the water is in perfect balance there is zero transfer of moisture from donut to glaze, glaze to package atmosphere and the result is a donut that tastes and eats like a fresh donut many weeks and even many months later. Extended shelf life Donuts are possible!
This system is best in wholesale bakeries that can heat glaze and apply glaze hot. The end product must be packaged to achieve stability.

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