Brownie Concentrate

Del-Val Food Ingredient’s brownie Concentrate makes delicious brownies that your customers will love.  With our brownie concentrate you to use your own flour, sugar, cocoa, and oils.  This concentrate is easy to customize by varying the type and amount of sugar, the type and amount of cocoa.  Real melted chocolate can also be added to make a super premium brownie!

Brownies from Concentrate

Brownies are a delicious baked item that your customers will love.  Since brownies are under-marketed they are perfect for long shelf life packaged baked goods for CPG, convenience stores, gas stations, vending and more.

The natural low water activity of brownies makes them perfect for long shelf life packaged snacks.  Brownies are very high in sugar which will lower the water activity.  If enough sugar is added it is possible to make a very low water activity snack which will naturally be mold-resistant and resistant to drying and staling.  Brownies are the perfect snack for long shelf life packaged foods.

Our brownie concentrate is very easy to bake custom brownies that you can call your own.  Our concentrate contains all of the small ingredients such as gums, emulsifiers, and leavening agents, leaving the large commodities for you.  This concentrate will work in tunnel ovens, sheet pans or aluminum tray brownies.

The final style  is your choice,

  • flakey crust or solid crust with icing
  • real chocolate or cocoa
  • dutched cocoa or dark black cocoa
  • chewy or cakey
  • mildly sweet or very sweet

Your bakery, your brownie, your choice.  Our concentrate allows your staff to produce a consistent product while being customized.  Custom products will stand out as unique and original.  Mixes and bases can not easily be customized and your competition can make an identical product.


  • easy to make
  • less to purchase
  • easily customized
  • customer will love the product

Available in 50lb boxes, 1500lb MOQ.

Call us today to discuss how our brownie concentrate can help your bakery operations.




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