Honey Buns

Honey Buns from Concentrate

Del-Val Food Ingredients are the honey bun formulation and production experts. We have over 30 years of wholesale production and formulation expertise! Call us to learn how we can assist you.


Returning to closer to scratch honey bun formulas using Del-Val  ESL  Honeybun concentrate will bring your costs back into line! We remove as much flour, sugar and shortening as possible to make the highest concentrated honeybun mix available.   We remove these ingredients so you can add your own commodities and your costs will drop and your profits increase!

Honey Bun

Honey Buns


High quality, extended shelf life honeybuns are easy to make using our Honey Bun Concentrate.  This  Concentrate can be used to make Yeast Raised Donuts, Honey Buns, Danish and Sweet Dough.  Call us for more information on this cost-saving product.

Honeybuns made with our ESL Concentrate will have a shelf life of over 60 days!  Typically shelf life is limited to your packaging and fryer shortening stability.  We have over 30 years of experience making ESL Honeybuns.

The key to producing an excellent eating honey bun that has an excellent shelf life, proper shaping, and high volume is easy using our concentrate.  We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to give you maximum shelf life and excellent eating qualities.  Our concentrates make it easy and affordable to make the best honey buns that have over 60 days of shelf life.

We have the experience and we can train your staff in proper production techniques that will increase the quality of your honey buns.  We can train everyone from your management to your line workers in proper methods to produce the best product.  We will also assist in ingredient selection and even assistance in how to set up your lines.

Our concentrates have our proprietary blend of emulsifiers, gums, and enzymes that maximize the texture, volume and shelf life.  We include all the technologies you need to produce high-quality honeybuns.

Del-Val’s honeybun concentrate is used at low levels.  Typically 5-10lbs per 100lbs of flour (5-10% bakers percent).  The end production bakery will use their own flour, sugar, and shortening to finish the mix and this will lower your costs.  We make one of the strongest concentrates on the market.  Using a concentrate will also allow the baker to vary the formula.  More sugar and shortening will increase the richness, less will make it leaner.  Changing the flour to a stronger or weaker flour can change the bite.  Also, you can add eggs, egg yolks, potato flour and more to customize your formula to make it truly unique.

Our extensive knowledge includes plant design and layout. If you are planning a new honey bun line, contact us for a consultation. We have experience with many different systems including stress-free, pumping and hand systems. Buying the right honey bun production equipment the first time will prevent many headaches in the future.

We are the honey bun experts.  Our staff has worked in many large wholesale honey bun and donut plants around the world.   Our extensive knowledge can improve your honey buns so that your sales and profitability increases.

Also, look at our glaze Stabilizer which works with our honeybun concentrates.

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Typical  handling
  • 100     Flour
  • 16       Honey Bun Concentrate
  • 20      Shortening
  • 15      Sugar
  • 8       Yeast
  • 55     Water

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