Pressure Cut Yeast Donut

Del-Val Food Ingredients Pressure Cut Yeast Raised Donut concentrate is designed to work optimally in pressure cutters or extruder type donut machines.  The requirements of pressure cut donuts are different than table cut as the dough must flow through the cutters while under about 33psi.  This puts unique strains on the donut dough

The process of pressure extrusion places additional strain on the donut dough and this coupled with the higher dough temperatures and higher water temperatures and the end dough needs to have a different formulation.  The typicaly water absorption of pressure cut donuts is 50-52% of the total dry ingredient weight.  The dough is very slack and sticky.  However, the end doughnut must fry out and have the shape and texture of a doughnut.  The dough must tolerate these extreme conditions and still produce a soft donut with excellent shelf life.

We have vast experience in the formulation and running of pressure cut or extruded donuts.  We understand this process and can optimize a donut dough that will work in your system.  Our unique concentrate has the latest emulsifier, gum, and enzyme technologies to maximize the shelf life of the finished yeast donut.

Our pressure cut yeast donut concentrate contains little to no flour, sugar or shortening.  This allows you to make slightly richer or leaner donuts that are optimized for the extrusion process while maximizing eating characteristics and shelf life.


Typical Handling for Extruded Yeast Donuts

  • 100lbs    Flour
  • 8lbs         Pressure Cut Yeast Donut Concentrate
  • 8 lbs        Sugar
  • 8 lbs        Shortening
  • 62 lbs      water
  • 2 lbs         Dry Yeast

This basic handling will vary slightly depending on the variety and type and condition of your extruder and proofer.

Available in 50lb boxes, 1500lb MOQ.

Call or email us for more information on how we can optimize your pressure cut line.

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