Table Cut Yeast Donut Concentrate

Del-Val Food Ingredients has a high grade Table Cut Yeast Donut Concentrate design to replace expensive yeast donut bases and mixes.  We remove as much flour, sugar, and shortening as possible so that you can maximize the commodities that you add.  This will maximize your savings.

We do not skimp on our yeast donut concentrate.  We use the best emulsifier blends, gum blends, and enzyme blends available to maximize shelf life and quality.

Table cut is the most popular method of producing donuts in the USA.  The Table Cut Method involves mixing the dough and allowing it to ferment about 1 hour before it is sheeted.  The doughnuts are mechanically cut from this sheet dough typically using an automatic system of a roller cutter and a hole picker that will automatically remove the holes.

The main advantage of table-cut yeast donuts over pressure cut is that lower water levels can be use used in the dough. In fact, it is just about impossible to make table cut yeast donuts with the water levels used in pressure cut.  Lower water levels can make it easier to manage the water transfer between the donut and the glaze.  The lower water level also makes a donut that has a different bite.  Table cut  yeast donuts have more bite than a pressure cut.

Our table cut yeast donut concentrate has our proprietary emulsifier, gum, and enzyme blend that will maximize the shelf life of the donut.  Using a concentrate also allows you to customize your donut to differentiate it from your competition.  The majority of donuts made in the USA are from the EXACT same mix.  Customize your donut to make it yours.  Vary the flour, the sugar level, and shortening type and level to make a donut that is uniquely yours.  In addition, you can add eggs, egg yolks, buttermilk, dried potato and many other ingredients to make a very unique donut that can not easily be copied by your competition.


Our yeast donut concentrate is easy to use and it can be customized for your operation.  Your staff has the skills and ability to use a concentrate.  Using our concentrate will allow you to lower your costs while improving your quality.


Yeast Donuts from Concentrate

  • 100lbs       Bread Flour
  • 8 lbs           Concentrate
  • 6 lbs           Sugar
  • 6 lbs          Shortening
  • 2 lbs           Dry Yeast
  • 50-55lbs    Water
  • Optional, potato, egg yolk, Buttermilk etc.

Del-Val Food ingredients also have Non-GMO versions of our yeast donut concentrates for international customers.  These concentrates contain no added GMO ingredients and only contain internationally friendly emulsifiers and preservatives.  These can be customized for your county.  We utilize a company with expert knowledge in international shipments that can assist with getting our concentrates to you.


Packed in 50lb boxes, 1500lb MOQ.

Call us to get more information on how to save money with our Table Cut Yeast Donut Concentrate


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