Yeast Raised Donut Concentrate

Yeast Raised Donut

Del-Val Food Ingredients are your Yeast Raised Donut Experts.  Our donut expert has over 40 years of experience in the formulation and production of extended shelf life donuts working with major donut producers around the world.  We know yeast donuts and can solve your formulation challenges with our superior technical service.


Yeast Raised Donuts are a very popular treat in the United States as well as many countries around the world. The ideal Yeast Donut should be soft with a very light texture that holds the sweet glaze without melting the glaze or drying / firming of the dough portion of the donut. Del-Val manufactures an ideal concentrate for use by Midsize to large wholesale bakeries.  Our concentrate is a perfect replacement for standard bakery mixes and bases. A concentrate will allow your bakery to save significant costs over bakery mixes and bases.  We are experts in making ESL yeast raised donuts.  If you are interested in making extended shelf life donuts we have several options to make donuts with up to 60 days packaged shelf life


ESL Yeast Donut Concentrate

Many ask, what is the difference between a yeast donut mix, a yeast donut base, and a yeast donut concentrate? Yeast donut mixes have all the flour and sugar added.  You will only need to add water and yeast to finish the donut dough.  While this is the most popular, this is the least flexible in terms of personalization, and this is the most expensive option. Yeast donut bases will have roughly 1/2 of the flour removed and typically you will add 1 bag of yeast donut base to 1 bag of flour.  While a base does save a bit over the mix, you will still be limited in personalization.  Yeast donut concentrates will have all or almost all flour, sugar and shortening removed.  You can add these easy to source commodities and it will allow you to customize your finial donut and this will offer the best savings.

Yeast Raised Donut Concentrates are an excellent way of making high-quality long shelf life donuts (ESL Yeast Donuts). Our concentrate has no flour, sugar or shortening. This allows you to use your commodities at significant savings. We can assist you in the process of finding the ideal flour to produce donuts. More than likely you already have this flour in your plant! Most of today’s yeast-raised donuts are sold in retail situations due to the severe moisture imbalance of the glaze and the dough. This imbalance allows the water in the dough to migrate to the glaze. This will dry out the dough and melt the glaze. This is the reason that most yeast-raised donuts are sold in more of a retail environment. Typical retail yeast-raised donut shelf life is measured in hours as the donut will degrade significantly in 24 hours. Packaged donuts shelf life is measured in days if you can tolerate the glaze being wet and sticky. We have solved this and it is now possible to make glazed and iced yeast raised donuts with a packaged shelf life of over 60 days. Using our ESL Glaze stabilizer and our esl yeast-raised donut concentrate will result in incredible donuts with extremely long packaged shelf life.  We are the ESL Yeast Donut Experts.

Del-Val Food Ingredients has a unique system that allows bakers to produce a true long shelf life yeast donut. The glaze and the dough will be in balance and the end donut will stay soft and fresh and the glaze will remain dry for months.

We also have concentrate to produce standard donuts that are better than our competition in the 1-3 days range used by many retail and frozen donut wholesalers.

International Yeast Donuts 

Our International Donut concentrates contain Internationally friendly ingredients that are allowed in most countries. Our concentrates are the easiest way to make American Style doughnuts around the world. We are donut experts and we can produce American style yeast donuts in most countries with our Non-GMO yeast donut concentrates. We can work with most country’s regulations to make a concentrate ideal for your location and still produce a great donut at a saving. Why ship four and sugar around the world and pay excess duties when you can use our concentrates.

We have partnered with an expert in international logistics to get our products to you with proper labeling and documentation.

Extended Shelf Life Yeast Donuts 

Del-Val Food Ingredients gets many inquiries on how to produce excellent eating yeast-raised donuts that have high volume and of course has an excellent shelf life. We have many years of experience in producing concentrates that will produce extra soft long shelf life yeast donuts that will work in Retail, Frozen and Wholesale environments.

Our concentrate usage is 8% of the flour used. This high level of concentration will create an economical donut that is as good or better than anything on the market. It also allows you to customize by varying the amount of sugar, shortening, and types of flours. Finally, a donut that you can call your own.

Del-Val’s Yeast Donut Experience 

Our yeast donut technical staff is second to none in the industry. We have over 40 years of experience in wholesale donut production. We have the knowledge and experience to develop donuts for Pressure Cut, Table Cut, and any other method. If you want truly unique products such as potato donuts, sweet Potato donuts, and even yogurt or sour cream yeast donuts, we can assist.

We are the Yeast Donut experts and we can assist with all of your technical challenges. 

Yeast Raised Donut Concentrate Usage 

Our concentrates make it easy. We include all of the emulsifiers, gums and enzyme technologies and a simple to use concentrate. You only need to add flour, sugar, shortening, yeast, and water. The result is a donut with all of the latest technologies that are easy to use and cost-effective. We also have a cleaner label and non-GMO versions.

This is the strongest yeast raised donut concentrate on the market. This gives the baker flexibility to modify the richness of the product for the customer’s tastes. Concentrates also allow the baker to produce the highest quality product at a lower price.


Our extensive knowledge includes plant design and layout. If you are planning a new yeast raised donut line, contact us for a consultation. We have experience with pressure cut, table cut, and stamper systems. Buying the right yeast-raised donut production equipment the first time will prevent many headaches in the future.


Del-Val Food Ingredients knows donuts. We are the donut experts. We can replace donut mixes and bases while saving your bakery money and our donut concentrate is of the highest quality available anywhere.


Our concentrated donut blend increases tolerance in mixing, extruding and sheeting. The emulsifier system will provide maximum anti-staling properties for maximum shelf life. We have perfected the shelf life of yeast-raised donuts resulting in donuts that remain soft and have the perfect texture customers are looking for.

Call us for a demonstration today.

Yeast Raised Donut Recipe

Yeast Raised Donut Ranges

100 lbs Flour 12-13% protein

8 lbs Yeast Raised Donut Concentrate

4-10 lbs Sugar

4-10 lbs Shortening

4-6 lbs Compressed Yeast

45 lbs  Water

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