Del-Val Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used to make emulsions which is a mixture of 2 or more liquids that are immiscible. Emulsifiers are the surface-active agents that help in promoting and stabilizing two or more immiscible phases such as oil in water, or water in oil.  Emulsifiers contain 2 parts,  one is hydrophilic (water-loving) and one part is hydrophobic (attracts air or fat).  The two ends of the emulsifier will interact at the phase of water and oil to keep the two dispersed.  Emulsifiers will provide starch complexing, protein complexing, aeration, crystal modification, lubrication, and more.

Food Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers can inhibit staling in flour-based products by interacting with starches (Monoglycerides).  They can provide improved machinability by reinforcing the protein structure (SSL), make cakes, cookies and pastries more tender by improving the distribution of fat (mono and diglycerides), improve the incorporation of air in ice cream by desorbing the milk protein interface (monoglycerides 50%), improve gloss and snap of chocolate by delaying crystal formation, and much much more.


Del-Val Food Ingredients has a complete line of mono and diglycerides with HLB ranging from 2-6.  Some are available in self-emulsified forms for easy dispersions.  They include water-in-oil emulsifiers used in baking goods, chewing gum, emulsified shortenings, fillings, confections, and flavors.

Specialty high functionality monoglyceride blends

Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids

Del-Val Food Ingredient’s line of polyglycerol esters has an HLB range of 2-13.  The structure and function of the finished emulsifier can be customized by varying the glycerol chain length, the degree of fatty acid substitution and the specific fatty acid utilized.  Higher HLB products are no ethoxylated replacements for Polysorbate.  This results in a dioxane free ester with applications in flavors, baking, emulsified shortenings, salad dressings, icings, fillings, and whipped toppings.

Sorbitan Esters

Sorbitan esters based on various fatty acids have low HLB values and are used in conjunction with Polysorbates for functionality in whipped toppings, ice cream, icings, fillings, chocolate, and cakes.

Polysorbates or Polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters

These contain 20 moles of ethylene oxide and various fatty acids.  These serve as excellent solubilizers in flavors as well as whipping agents and surface tension reduction.

Polysorbate 60

Polysorbate 80