Monoglyceride – Emulsol 220P

Emulsol 220P Monoglyceride Blend

Del-Val Food Ingredients has a unique food emulsifier that uses high HLB lecithin and maltodextrin as the dispersing agent for fully saturated monoglyceride glycerol monostearate and glycerol monopalmitate.    This monoglyceride blend is fully dispersible in doughs and batters and is easy to use in its convenient dry form.


Monoglycerides Plus Lecithin

The High HLB lecithin in this emulsifier blend acts as the dispersing agent, but high HLB lecithin is also a wonder dough conditioner that helps with machinability and expansion of the bread.  This results in higher bread volumes with improved crumb structure.  This combination of fully saturated long-chain fatty acids and high HLB lecithin is a powerful food emulsifier to aid in the softness and shelf life of many starch and flour-based food items.  This is the most powerful powdered monoglyceride emulsifier for use in food that is fully soluble in a dry powder form.

Most dispersable mono and diglycerides used in bakery products are only 50-60% functional.  Only fully saturated monos act as anti-staling agents in baked goods.  Most distilled mono and diglycerides contain 90-95% distilled monoglycerides, however, 40-50% are higher  IV monos that are NOT fully saturated. The unsaturated monoglycerides allow the blend to be dispersable in the dough, but they DO NOT provide any anti-staling properties.  The monoglycerides used in Emulsol 220P are fully saturated and 100% of the monoglyceride in this blend provides softening and anti-staling. You can not purchase a more powerful powdered monoglyceride that is fully dispersable.

For example, common powdered monoglycerides used in bread softening contain 50% fully saturated monos and 50% unsaturated, you will be only adding 1/2 pound of functional ingredient for every pound added.  Our emulsion 220P monoglyceride blend will be adding close to .85 pound of monoglyceride and very functional lecithin.  There is more functionality for the same amount added.

Usage of Emulsol 220p

The suggested use level in most bakery items is 1-3% of the flour content. At this level, excellent starch complexing is seen with improved softness. Typical usage in bread is 1.5% of the flour content.

More Information on 220P

If you want maximum softening power in an emulsifier, Emulsol 220P is your best choice.  Please contact us for more information.

Emulsol 220P also performs well in cakes, sweet dough, donuts, tortillas, pasta, cookies, pancakes, waffles, and other starch and flour-based food items.