Polyglycerol esters are a category of nonionic surfactants used in foods.  The properties of the polyglycerol ester will vary with the chain length of the glycerol chain, the number, and types of fatty acids. Polyglycerol Esters have been approved for use in foods in the USA in 1960.

Many Uses

Polyglycerol Esters or PGE are a range of ingredients with a wide range of functional properties.

Polysorbate replacer in Flavors

Many consumers want to avoid foods with polysorbate 60.  Polysorbate is a proven safe ingredient with powerful functionality, sometimes it must be replaced with a more consumer-friendly ingredient.  PGE is a perfect choice for this replacement

High HLB ratio polyglycerol esters can function as Polysorbate replacers.  Many liquid flavors use polysorbate 60 to emulsifier the fat-soluble flavor components in the high water flavor.  Polyglycerol esters are the perfect polysorbate replacer for use in flavors.  Typically a 10-1-o grade is used to replace polysorbate in flavors.

Whipped Toppings

PGE’s are perfect for use in whipped toppings.  The higher HLB ratio will provide fat particle aggregation in the high water environment of whipped toppings.  PGE will provide increased viscosity and reduced coalescence.

Low-Fat Applications

Low-fat foods frequently use water as a mass volume replacer of the fat content.  PGEs strongly bond to the water creating a strong emulsion that is viscous and fat like.  10-2-P is the perfect grade for replacing fat as 10-20% 10-2-p PGE forms a vicious fat like emulsion.

Improve Dry Cakes with Polyglycerol Esters

The number one complaint with cakes is dry or crumbly cakes. These complaints are inter-related and sometimes are actually the same complaint. The average cake customer does not like a dry cake, a crumbly cake, or a stale cake. All three of these terms are used by customers to describe the same cake problem and require a similar solution. Solve your #1 complaint with our 10-2P polyglycerol esters.

Cake bakers have fought this issue for years. In the past, gums, starches, and corn syrups were used to combat dry cake, stale cake, and crumbly cake. None of these solutions made a significant difference to the dry or stale cake problem. Commercial cake mixes make can make great moist cakes, but the cost is sometimes too high for the scratch baker to tolerate.

PGE will function in low-fat content cakes providing great aeration in cakes that contain little to no fat.

We have a solution to this problem with an innovative emulsifier that truly binds the water to make a great ultra moist cake.


We have an innovative solution for your dry cake, stale cake, and crumbly cake problem. Del-Val’s 10-2P Polyglycerol Esters is a powerful emulsifier that strongly binds with water. This bound water does not evaporate as easily during the baking process or on shelf life. Del-Val’s 10-2P Polyglycerol Esters significantly increases the moistness of any cake.

Usage is 1 to 2 lb of 10-2P Polyglycerol Esters for every 100 lbs. of flour. Usually, this is the only change that is needed. If you are using another emulsifier such as PGME (propylene glycol monoesters) that emulsifier should be reduced.

The resulting cake will be significantly moister and will not receive the typical dry cake or stale cake complaints.

Please be aware that this is also a tenderizer and lower levels may be needed in multi-tiered wedding cakes or the egg level may need to be increased.


What is a 10-2 Polyglycerol Ester?

Polyglycerol esters, specifically deca-polyglycerol diester or 10-2 polyglycerol ester is a powerful water-binding emulsifier that will turn an ordinary dry cake into a rich tender moist cake. The 10 stands for 10 moles or parts polyglycerol to 2 moles or parts of fatty acids. Normal fats are 1 glycerol to 3 fatty acids or the term triglyceride. This emulsifier has similar components as regular fat but in a different proportion. A special form of glycerol is used which is a chain of 10 glycerides. To this 2 fatty acids are connected to the chain of glycerols. The chain of 10 glycerols is very water-loving and will bind a lot of water. The 2 fatty acids will bind fat. This creates a Water in oil emulsion where water is bound in the center of oil. This complex is very resistant to evaporation in the oven resulting in an extra moist cake. 10-2 polyglycerol esters are allowed for use in food in the US. Other countries need to check into the legal status of this emulsifier in their respective country.

3-1 Polyglycerol Esters

3-1 polyglycerol ester tri-polyglycerol ester is not as powerful as 10-2 polyglycerol ester in its water-binding ability. This emulsifier is a chain of 3 glycerols with 1 fatty acid. The overall complex of fat and water is much smaller. This does increase moistness, but not as much as 10-2 polyglycerol esters.


How to use 10-2 Polyglycerol Esters

10-2 polyglycerol is a very hard plastic-like product that needs to be melted into fat or water to be functional. This process is a simple heating/melting of the Polyglycerol Ester into water or oil and allowing the mixture to cool for storage and future use. Del-Val can pre-melt the polyglycerol esters on special orders. Please contact us for more information on how to purchase this solution to your dry cake and stale cake complaints.