D-Xylose is a sugar found in nature, isolated from wood pulp. In everyday applications this sugar is widely used as a diabetic sweetener. In the scientific field as a highly reactive sugar for use in savory flavor reactions, such as the Maillard Reaction.

D-Xylose is a monosaccharide pentose obtained from xylan rich trees such as birch.  It is also commonly called wood sugar.   When the aldehyde group is free, it is a reducing sugar that will participate in Maillard reactions. Xylose is a natural 5 carbon sugar that will react with amino acids in the Maillard reaction to create other flavors.  D-Xylose can be used to improve flavors as well as help produce brown colors from Maillard reactions.

Xylose is the main building block of the hemicellulose xylan which is common found in many plants.

Reactions of D-Xylose

D-Xylose will undergo Maillard reactions at lower temperatures and is useful in producing meaty flavors when reacted with Cysteine and glycine for use in foods.

D-Xylose is a white crystalline powder that dissolves easily in water.  Also water soluble, xylose is available in liquid form. Being a sugar it is sweet with a similar profile to dextrose.  It is an excellent choice to produce meaty flavors when reacting with amino acids in the Maillard reaction. Xylose needs less temperature and time to produce the following flavors:

  • roast beef
  • roasted pork, chicken
  • baked
  • potato
  • and other baked or roasted flavors.

Xylose is also further processed to produced xylitol, which is added to some chewing gums.


D-Xylose Syrup is available in 50lbs containers, 500lb MOQ.

D-Xylose Powder is available in 25kg boxes, 50lb MOQ.