Savory Flavor Enhancement

The Flavor Enhancement program at Del-Val Food Ingredients is a research, development and manufacturing operation for flavor and flavor enhancement ingredients that meet current market trends and industry needs for wholesome, indulgent, authentic, clean label and cost effective taste ingredients.


These ingredients serve as excellent formulation tools for flavor and seasoning creation, food product development, label compliance, or matches for existing products or concepts.
Use these ingredients to develop one-of-a-kind meat-based or meat-free, chicken, beef or roast-type flavors and seasonings, replace ingredients such as salt, MSG, HVPs, torula and I&G with clean label, taste-equivalent alternatives, or add MSG-like taste and kokumi mouthfeel without the addition of glutamates.

Create great tasting, indulgent, mouthwatering savory or cheese recipes that meet non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, MSG-free, low sodium and other product compliances.
Mask bitterness in many foods, improve the flavor and mouthfeel of plant protein-fortified foods, lower bitterness and astringency associated with alternate sweeteners, enhance the saltiness of foods, and more.
Elevate your tasting experience with Del-Val’s unique Flavor Enhancement ingredients solutions.

Del-Val’s Flavor Enhancement ingredients equip research and development formulators with a variety of tools.

Create a variety of meat and roast-type flavors and seasonings using meat-free beef, chicken, roast and dark roast keys and their blends.  These meatless keys can help with formulation of masking systems in protein and meat analogue applications.  Vegan compliance and gluten free claims are easily attainable with our technology platforms.  Achieve marketing and regulatory compliance without sacrificing taste!  Separate from the competition with a custom blend utilizing our meatless process keys, blended in our GFSI certified, state of the art dry blending facility.

Successfully remove MSG as well as any added glutamates from labels without any loss in the overall taste as well as imparting an MSG like mouthfeel.  This is achieved without addition MSG or additional glutamates.
Del-Val’s technology platforms focus on the future of clean label.  Achieve bitter masking, taste modulation, and enhanced saltiness with our yeast free flavor enhancement alternatives.  Replace undesirable ingredients such as salt, MSG, HVP, or torula yeast with our clean label alternatives.  Our technology will enable you as the developer to mask bitter off notes from artificial or alternative natural sweeteners, as well as enhance flavor and mouthfeel of plant protein fortified foods.  Reduce or remove sodium without sacrificing salty taste.

Add Kokumi and fatty-like mouthfeel to a variety of foods, including taste extension to finished savory and dairy formulations.  Replace long or undesirable label statements with yeast free alternatives, bearing a natural flavor or “kitchen cupboard clean” designation.

Flavor enhancement

Del-Val’s Savor Series portfolio includes product offerings that will meet marketing and label claims such as “Healthy”, “ “Reduced Sodium”, “Vegan/Vegetarian.”  We also can provide regulatory compliance in on trend areas such as Organic compliant, NGP compliant, and NAFTA compliant.

Utilize our building blocks for developing culinary savory and dairy flavor profiles.  Our unique flavor enhancement technology can impart and boost specific flavors, including cheese and dairy, smoked ham, chicken soup, and more.  These tools help to create base or middle notes, allowing the developer to add and customize with top noting to achieve a desired flavor or flavor profile.

Del-Val is your one stop shop for flavor enhancement tools.  Contact us to learn more about our specialty chemicals for flavor and food product development, which include our reaction process flavors, organic acids, rare sugars, amino acids, and more!
One-of-a-kind ingredients for developing Wholesome, Indulgent, Authentic, Clean label and Cost-effective Savory and Dairy flavors and Seasonings