Clean Label Flavor Enhancement

SavorMAX Taste Enhancers and Taste Modulators are custom developed specialty taste blends that specifically addresses the market needs for clean label flavor enhancement. SavorMAX  provides wholesome, indulgent and highly impactful taste ingredients. SavorMAX ingredients add full taste, mouthfeel and taste modulating effects akin to many industry standard workhorses as desirable alternatives and serve as direct replacements for such ingredients. The list includes MSG-like Umami enhancer, salt enhancers, kokumi mouthfeel enhancers, cheese and dairy enhancers, sweetness, fattiness and creaminess enhancers, bitterness maskers and more.



SavorMAX Taste Enhancers and Taste Modulators are best used as replacement ingredients where clean labels, food minus strategies are desired. All SavorMAX ingredients comply with clean label regulatory standards including natural, non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, and vegetarian. In many instances, vegan and allergen-free versions are also available. The SavorMAX line of ingredients is suitable for improving the taste and mouthfeel of plant proteins, lowering or removal of MSG in a recipe, reducing sodium without a loss in saltiness, creating full, rich, lingering taste sensations, intensifying the flavor of alternative sweeteners while lowering their off-note contributions, creating taste indulgence and continuity, and more.


Benefits of our SavorMAX line of Clean Label Flavor Enhancement include:

  • Lower the salt content of foods with little or no loss in saltiness.
  • Replace ingredients such as MSG, I&G, HVP, and Torula without any loss in taste.
  • Enhance specific taste and mouthfeel sensations such as fattiness, Kokumi, creaminess, and sweetness.
  • Intensify savory and dairy taste profiles.
  • Mask off-tastes associated with many plant-based foods and food ingredients.
  • Suppress the bitterness imparted by alternative sweeteners, both natural and artificial.

Yeast-free flavor enhancement options are available.

CodeSavorMAX Name%SaltDescriptionTasteLabel
S3310Salt Enhancer/50 S331050%KCl-based Salt Enhancer blendSodium reduction, flavor intensitySalt, Potassium chloride, Natural Flavor
S3350Salt Enhancer/100 S33500%KCl-based Salt Enhancer blendSodium reduction, flavor intensityPotassium chloride, Natural Flavor
K1100Kokumi 11002%Thick, rich, continuity, lingering, enhancingLingering, continuity, rich, thickYeast Extract
K1150Kokumi 11503%Thick, Intense, continuity, lingering, fullLingering, continuity, rich, thickYeast Extract, Natural Flavor
K1155Kokumi 11552%Thick, Intense, continuity, lingering, clean tasteLingering, continuity, rich, thickYeast Extract, Natural Flavor
K1160Kokumi 116010%Clean label, yeast extract-free versionLingering, continuity, rich, thickInactive Dry Yeast, Natural Flavor, Salt, KCl
U8505Umami 8505< 5%MSG-like Umami taste with no added glutamatesUmami, savory, meaty, mouthwateringYeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Salt (pro. aid)
U8525Umami 8525< 5%Vegan version of U8505Umami, savory, meaty, mouthwateringYeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Salt (pro. aid)
E6100Enhance 61002%Cheese and Dairy Taste enhancerFuller, richer, lingeringNatural Flavor, Maltodextrin
E6200Enhance 6200< 5%Dairy Enhancer, Salt EnhancerFuller, richer, lingering, taste intensityNatural Flavor
E6300Enhance 6300< 2%Plant Protein masking, flavor balance, sweet enh.Plant protein masking, balance, lingeringNatural Flavor
E1500Enhance 150040%Mask bitterness; enhance sweetnessGeneral taste intensity, bitter maskingNatural Flavor
E2000Enhance 200020%Clean label Savory/Meat Taste BoosterSavory taste intensity, meat tasteNatural Flavor, Salt
G8080Enhance 808010%I&G Replacer, taste intensifier, lingering sensationSavory tasteNatural Flavor