Custom Yeast Extract Blends

SavorMORE Custom Yeast Extract Taste Solutions are customer-driven, customized ingredient blends that use original, locally manufactured, natural taste ingredient keys with yeast extract technology and other natural flavors. Using our expertise in yeast extracts and related savory ingredient technology along with exclusive use of a wide array of proprietary in-house manufactured tools, matching solutions are available for many market ingredients to meet changing labeling and other regulatory demands often at significant cost savings.



SavorMORE custom developments can be geared towards matching market products or simply addressing a marketing concept, strategy or idea. Customized options include compliance with non-GMO needs, vegan and natural product declarations, and even local (NAFTA/USMCO) manufacture for tariff benefits. Whether it is a need to match the flavor impact of a supply-challenged ingredient, implement a clean label strategy, create an alternate supply source or cost reduce an ingredient, SavorMORE customized solutions are available for most, if not all of your savory taste enhancement needs.



Our Custom Yeast Extract Line

FE-002SavorMORETM 02Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-004SavorMORETM 04Umami/Savory taste booster, Low Salt
FE-005SavorMORETM 05Umami/Savory taste booster, Medium Salt
FE-010SavorMORETM 10Flavor Enhancer, High nucleotide (20%)
FE-011SavorMORETM 11Classic Carne Roast
FE-012SavorMORETM 12Flavor Enhancer, Low nucleotide (4%)
FE-015SavorMORETM 15Chicken Flavor Enhancer
FE-018SavorMORETM 18Umami/Savory taste booster, Medium Salt
FE-022SavorMORETM 22Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-024SavorMORETM 24Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-025SavorMORETM 25Beef Flavor Enhancer
FE-031SavorMORETM 31Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-032SavorMORETM 32Chicken, Poultry Flavor Enhancer
FE-036SavorMORETM 36Umami/Savory taste booster, Low Salt
FE-044SavorMORETM 44Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-049SavorMORETM 49Flavor Enhancer, High Salt, medium nucleotide (8%)
FE-050SavorMORETM 50Flavor Enhancer, Low Salt, low nucleotide (4%)
FE-051SavorMORETM 51Cheese Flavor Enhancer
FE-052SavorMORETM 52Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-053SavorMORETM 53Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-054SavorMORETM 54Umami/Savory taste booster + Mouthfeel, High Salt
FE-055SavorMORETM 55Cheese Flavor Enhancer
FE-056SavorMORETM 56Cheese Flavor Enhancer
FE-057SavorMORETM 57Cheese Flavor Enhancer
FE-058SavorMORETM 58Mouthfeel booster & Body, High Salt
FE-059SavorMORETM 59Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-060SavorMORETM 60Chicken Flavor Enhancer
FE-061SavorMORETM 61Beef Flavor Enhancer
FE-062SavorMORETM 62Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-063SavorMORETM 63Special Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-064SavorMORETM 64Flavor Enhancer, High Salt, medium nucleotide (12%)
FE-066SavorMORETM 66Flavor Enhancer, Medium nucl (6%) & glu (8%)
FE-067SavorMORETM 67Extra Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-071SavorMORETM 71Umami Enhancer, Intense; Mouthfeel
FE-072SavorMORETM 72Umami/Savory Taste booster, Medium Salt
FE-074SavorMORETM 74Umami/Savory taste booster + Mouthfeel, Low Salt
FE-075SavorMORETM 75Flavor Enhancer, Low Salt, medium nucleotide (8%)
FE-076SavorMORETM 76Meaty/Beefy/Savory Booster, Medium Salt
FE-077SavorMORETM 77Standard Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-081SavorMORETM 81Flavor Enhancer, Medium Salt, medium nucl (12%)
FE-082SavorMORETM 82Flavor Enhancer, High Salt, low nucleotide (4%)
FE-083SavorMORETM 83Umami/Savory taste booster, Low Salt
FE-085SavorMORETM 85Flavor Enhancer, Low Salt, low nucleotide (4%)
FE-089SavorMORETM 89Standard Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-090SavorMORETM 90Extra Dark Roast Flavor Enhancer
FE-092SavorMORETM 92Mouthfeel booster & Body, Low Salt
FE-093SavorMORETM 93Umami/Savory taste booster, High Salt
FE-094SavorMORETM 94Umami Enhancer, Intense
FE-096SavorMORETM 96Umami Enhancer, Intense; Torula replacer
FE-098SavorMORETM 98Strong Savory Flavor
FE-099SavorMORETM 99Ham Flavor Enhancer
FE-100SavorMORETM 100Chicken Flavor Enhancer
FE-101SavorMORETM 101Bacon Flavor Enhancer
FE-102SavorMORETM 102Dark, Robust, Roast Flavor
FE-103SavorMORETM 103Light Roast Flavor
FE-107SavorMORETM 107Umami/Savory Taste booster; HVP replacer
FE-108SavorMORETM 108Umami taste booster, high salt
FE-110SavorMORETM 110Intensifies taste of chicken soup, broths, bouillon
FE-111SavorMORETM 111Intensifies taste of chicken soup, broths, b'llon; VEGAN
FE-112SavorMORETM 112Intensifies taste of most cheese flavors
FE-114SavorMORETM 114Dark Roast Flavor
FE-115SavorMORETM 115Intense Flavor/Umami Enhancer
FE-116SavorMORETM 116Adds/Intensifies Garlic Taste
FE-117SavorMORETM 117Basic Umami/Savory Taste
FE-118SavorMORETM 118Basic Umami/Savory Taste
FE-122SavorMORETM 122Dark Roast Flavor, CLEAN LABEL
FE-123SavorMORETM 123Strong Flavor/Umami Enhancer
FE-124SavorMORETM 124Intensifies taste of Beef Soup, broth, gravies, bouillon
FE-125SavorMORETM 125Kokumi mouthfeel enhancer
FE-127SavorMORETM 127Yeast Extract with meaty/beefy broth taste