Seafood Extracts

Del-Val Food Ingredient’s seafood extract powders can be used to enhance a variety of seafood flavors in addition to their natural sodium enhancing ability. These products deliver balanced, clean seafood characteristics. Our seafood extract powders are made from a natural extraction process, which is then concentrated and spray dried. Each product boasts a unique and distinct flavor profile.  Great in soups, dips, or dressings, these powders are a go-to for your research and development needs.  Our clam and oyster powders yield an umami mouthfeel due to the amino acid profile.  These powders round out flavor profiles, without lending any off notes.  Use our lobster extract powder as a component of your soup base to accentuate lobster and seafood notes.  Our pure anchovy extract powder and paste offerings lend the right balance and sharpness in your salad dressing application.