Clam Extract Powder

Our clam extract powder is 100% pure baby clam, with no carrier.  Perfect for enhancing natural clam flavor enhancement in your savory applications.  Boost umami and mouthfeel characteristics through the clams inherent amino acid profile.  Like all of our seafood extract powders, our clam powder is minimally processed.  Once heated, the clam juice is collected and concentrated.  Naturally occurring proteins in the clam allow us to bypass the use of a carrier, providing you with a clean label clam extract powder.

Clams are bivalve mollusks, with the greatest diversity of species here in North America.  Some clams prefer the turbid waters of the ocean, while others find their home in freshwater and marine environments.  The clams in our extract is sourced from farms in clean ocean waters of the pacific and are from the order Venerida clam.  Our clam extract powder is made from a natural heat extraction process, in which the clam juice is concentrated and naturally dried without a carrier.  The flavor our clam is a clean, balanced clam flavor, and imparts natural umami characteristics due to its amino acid profile.

Clams posses a burrowing foot which helps them entrench themselves into the sand of either the riverbed or ocean floor.  Their lifecycles are only up to a year, but they serve not only as food source to humans all over the globe, but to many different animals, most notably sea lions and walruses.  Clams are low in fat and high in protein, which attributes to umami enhancement in savory applications.  They are also high B vitamins, zinc, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as low in saturated fat.


Our dried clam powder is perfect for use in a wide range of foods:

  • Flavor Enhancement through elevated umami characteristics
  • Soups & soup bases
  • Sauces
  • Dressings
  • Snacks
  • Natural Sodium reduction


Our clam extract powder is packed in 33lb boxes and is stable at ambient temperatures.  500lb MOQ.

In addition to our standard clam extract powder, Del-Val offers a Clam Broth Extender, specifically formulated to help with the shortage of clams in the market today. Use our Clam Broth Extender to replace clam meat in your clam chowder or clam based application. Our product carries a label of clam broth, salt, natural flavor, which seamlessly integrates into a multitude of applications. Store our product frozen, and thaw under refrigeration prior to use.