Codfish Extract Powder

This product delivers meaty codfish characteristics that impart an overall sweet flavor to soup bases, seafood dips, and other savory applications.

Cod is very popular seafood with a mild flavor and dense flakey flesh.  Cod is the most common fish in the UK’s famous fish and chips dish.

The mild flavor of Cod makes it perfect to add a seafood note without the stronger fishy notes of other fish.  Our codfish extract is made from fresh code and is extracted leaving a delicate mild note of cod.  The cod source is a Pacific cod.

Codfish extract can be used in many dishes to add a mild seafood flavor.  The natural amino acid profile of the codfish will help enhance other flavors in a natural way.

It can also be used in codfish soup, Italian Fish soup, fish chowder, creamy fish sauces, tomato cod chowder, fish gravies, and much more.


Available in 33lb boxes, 500lb MOQ.