Lobster Extract Powder

Our lobster extract powder boasts a sautéed lobster meat profile.  Perfect in soups, sauces, dips, or entrée applications.  The natural extraction process and inherent flavor profile provides a rich, buttery character to your savory applications.



Lobster used to be more of a commonplace than a delicacy, with prices rising per pound in the 1880s.  Lobster gained its popularity as a cuisine in none other than New York and Boston.  Today lobster is used in a multitude of various savory applications and preparations.

Our lobster extract adds an authentic, full lobster flavor to savory dishes.  This powder will compliment your seafood bisque, sauce, or dip by enhancing umami characteristics through its amino acid profile.  Our lobster powder is a balanced blend of lobster, crab, and crab.  Del-Val’s lobster powder is Natural, Non-GMO, and clean label friendly.  Fresh lobster are harvested, ground with crab and lobster, and heated to extract and concentrate the essence of the flavor.  This concentrate is mixed lightly with salt and spray dried into an easy to use powder.

Lobster is comprised mostly of protein and fat, however it is not a high source of saturated fat.  Amongst other types of seafood, lobster contributes Omega-3 fatty acids to the diet, which are uncommon in most other foods.  They are related to crawfish and shrimp, and different families within the lobster classification have claws while others do not.  Normally a greenish, blackish color in their natural state, lobsters turn a reddish color when cooked due to the presence of a certain pigment hidden in the membrane of their shell.


Enjoy lobster in a multitude of ways.  As the main protein in your meal, dipped in drawn butter, mixed in with pasta, cold in a salad, or in a seafood bisque or patty.  Great in a bisque or seafood chowder. Lobster is also popular in sushi preparations or as tempura, battered and fried.



Lobster Extract Powder sold in a 33lb box, 500lb MOQ.