Roasted Chinese Cabbage Powder

Our Roasted Chinese Cabbage Powder imparts a balanced vegetable broth character, due to the caramelization of the natural sugars during the slow roasting process.  Use our extract in a soup base, or as a topical application to enhance a savory vegetarian snack.

Our Roasted Chinese Cabbage Powder is a natural tool for savory flavor enhancement.  Oil is added to the cabbage during a slow roasting process, during which the natural sugars caramelize, yielding a balanced, sweet cabbage flavor.  Further processing standardizes this umami rich flavor enhancer, which is great in soups, soup bases, dips, and dressings.  Use our Roasted Chinese Cabbage Extract to elevate natural brothy vegetable notes in your soup.  This powder is readily soluble in water.



Available in 50lb boxes, 500lb MOQ.